Copenhagen: Brodflov, Carlsberg, and Værnedamsvej

Danish breakfast!

Danish breakfast! The big breakfast on the left and the small on the right.

Day three began with another delicious breakfast at Brødflov on the Falkoner Allé in Frederiksberg. We were the only none Danish people in the crowded organic bakery, so we felt like we made a great choice. The staff was super friendly and helpful. Koen ordered the big breakfast that came with your choice of two types of bread – in Koen’s case a sourdough roll and a tebirke. Tebirkes are a sort of Danish poppy seed pastry that are flaky and a little sweet and sticky thanks to the butter and marizipan. In addition to the two types of bread, Koen received three types of Danish sausage, two types of Danish cheese, and a portion of skyr (Icelandic yoghurt).

I ordered the smaller version which also includes two types of bread and chose the spelt sourdough and kanelmonster (giant cinnamon roll). With our breakfasts you’ll see a portion of homemade raspberry jam. As an American I thought it was just to eat on my bread. But then I looked at the girl next to me and realized I was eating my breakfast completely wrong. First of all the bread comes sliced in half and you receive two slices of cheese. So you put one piece of cheese on each slice. Then you put the jam on top of the cheese. Yum! Luckily it wasn’t too late and I enjoyed the rest of my meal the correct way. Both the big and small breakfasts came with a cup of coffee and the fresh juice of the day, which was carrot, apple, and ginger.

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Tipies Wijncafé from Grand-Vin at Het Hooihuis


Tipies Wijncafé set up and ready to go!

Last weekend Koen and I helped out with his father’s wine tasting event – the Tipies Wijncafé (Teepee Wine Café). It was a join venture with my father-in-law’s Grand Vin and one of the Brörmann’s favorite restaurants Het Hooihuis. This is the second time Grand Vin has hosted a wine tasting at Het Hooihuis and we had beautiful sunny weather and a great turnout! Special for the warm weather, Grand Vin debuted its new Rosé and Rosé Spumante. I especially enjoyed the spumante all afternoon! To pair with the wine, Het Hooihuis created a special menu including oysters, burgers, and white asparagus soup. Yum!

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