Matcha Green Tea with Tapioca pearls

It has been soooo hot in Antwerp. This heat wave is bring the temperature up to the low 90s which is crazy for us here. So how to beat the heat? An ice cold bubble tea!

Bubble, boba, pearl tea…it’s all the same. According to 8tea5’s website:

Bubble tea is a drink originated in Taiwan. It is a cocktail-like drink based on fresh tea we brew every day. What makes bubble tea even more special is the addition of “bubbles” (varying between jellies, tapioca, or fruit pearls) that have funky textures and juices of flavors, creating special sensations on your taste buds. The best way to find out how a bubble tea taste like, is to come by and try!

I’ve tried a wide variety, but especially love the milky matcha!





So many choices!



Crazy hair, don’t care…I’m just happy to have my bubble tea!

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