Barcelona: Inch Bar


Inch Bar

Koen and I just returned from a long weekend in Barcelona, where my graduation was being held. We stayed in the Gràcia neighborhood, in the north of the city, where Park Güell is located. Of course it’s fun to explore the neighborhood!

After we dropped off our things, we headed out to taste a bit of the famous local cuisine! We did a bit of research beforehand and decided on Inch Bar, located on the route toward the city center. Compared to the other neighborhoods, Gràcia is very residential, because it’s located outside of the busy center. That’s why we wanted to start with a bar here.



Inch Bar with outside seating



So much deliciousness



Details next to our table



Refreshing gin and tonic



Our first order!



Ibérico chorizo and pa amb tomàqet (Spanish tomato bread)



Pa amb tomàquet – toasted bread, rubbed with fresh tomato, drizzled with olive oil, and a pinch of salt – simple and delicious!



My view



Pinchos morunos, a spicy pork tapas dish



And of course red vermouth – the drink of Barcelona!

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