Lux Restaurant – Christmas Dinner


Opening my gift at the table

Two years in a row now I’ve celebrated Christmas dinner at Lux Restaurant in ‘t Eilandje. Delicious food and a great atmosphere!

Lux is part of a restaurant group. Lux opened first – a fine dining restaurant serving Belgian cuisine. Then MÓN opened down the road – a grill/steak restaurant. After the success of the two restaurants, the idea came to work with guaranteed quality meat and the chefs set out to become farmers. Successful with the venture, they decided to expand and open a butchershop/atelier. Thus lastly came Millevaches, an excellent, beautiful butcher located still a bit further down the road. So now we’re full circle: farmer, butcher, and chef.


The amuses-bouche



Oyster with caviar



Flavors of tomato and basil



Foie gras with speculoos flavors



My starter: alternating layers of venison carpaccio and foie gras



My main: pheasant with cabbage and Jersalem artichokes



Cheese, of course!



Mysterious dessert



Oliebollen and blood orange juice to end!

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