Colijnsplaat, Netherlands



Koen recently purchased a book on foraging, so we were ready to go on our first adventure! When we looked up possibilities in our area, we decided on oysters in Zeeland! Koen was especially excited to see that Colijnsplaat is a good place to go foraging. His grandparents had a house here when he was growing up, so it was very special being able to see the place Koen spent his summers.

Colijnsplaat is in my favorite Dutch province – Zeeland. Zeeland is filled with beautiful small towns where you can enjoy walking, biking, and relaxing in nature. The food is also amazing, because there are so many local ingredients available. Maybe Zeeland sounds familiar. Before New Zealand came under British rule, it was a Dutchman who was the first European to discover the country and he named it Nieuw-Zeeland. That’s why there’s a “z” in the name!

Overall we weren’t too successful – about 8 oysters in total. We thought we’d planned for everything but we forgot to check the tides, so it wasn’t the best time to be out foraging for oysters. Regardless, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and spending time by the water!


We went on a search to find the location of one of Koen’s favorite photos with his Opa. Not too much has changed in the last decades, so Koen was able to recreate the photo ❤


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