London: Dishoom


Dishoom Breakfast

I can’t help it – if I’m in London I always go to Dishoom! Dishoom is inspired by the old Irani cafes in Bombay, a faded elegance, and is where you can find delicious street-style Indian cuisine. There are locations throughout London and I’ve already been to the ones in Kings Cross and Soho. Never disappoints.

For our weekend in London we were so happy to be able to meet up and stay with our friends from the Tran-Siberian Express nearly one year later! You never know who you’ll meet while you’re exploring! We decided for our first brunch to go to Dishoom (you’ll see in the coming posts that Koen and I only ate Indian food this trip).

This time was special for a few reasons:

  1. First time at the Dishoom in Kensington
  2. First time eating breakfast at Dishoom
  3. Adam’s first time ever at Dishoom

Kensington is a posh area of London and you can really see this in their Dishoom. I really love that everything is so modern and art deco. I had to think of The Great Gatsby!



Dishoom in Kensington






Love the chandeliers



Adam and Nicole



Koen and me



Array of breakfast drinks including chai, coffee, and grapefruit juice



Our breakfast!



Akuri: An Irani café staple. 3 eggs, spiced, scrambled and piled up richly alongside plump, home-made buns and served with grilled tomato.



Bacon Naan Roll: Ramsay of Carluke’s smoked streaky bacon is matured for two weeks and smoked overnight in the traditional fashion. A Dishoom signature dish, and deserving of all its accolades.


Kejriwal: 2 fried eggs on chilli cheese toast. A favorite of the well-to-do Willingdon Club, the first such Bombay institution to admit natives; the dish is reputedly named for the member who kept asking for it.


Egg Naan Roll: 2 fried free-range eggs with saffron-yellow, runny yolks.


Date & Banana Porridge: Organic porridge oats cooked with milk, banana and sweet Medjool dates.


A little bit of everything – delicious!!

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