London: Ghymkhana


Our starters at Gymkhana

As I mentioned in the Dishoom post, this trip to London is all about Indian food! A few months ago I was at a lunch with an Indian family living in London and I asked for her list of best Indian restaurants. She gave me a list of 10 and I couldn’t wait for my next trip to London! First to check off the list – Gymkhana!

To quote their site, “Gymkhana is inspired by Indian gymkhana clubs, where members of high society socialise, dine, drink and play sport”. You can see the inspiration reflected in the beautiful, lacquered oak panels and burnished brass which evokes the feeling of a gentleman’s club. Gymkhana has one Michelin star and serves North Indian cuisine.

Everything. was. so. delicious! I have to put stops inbetween because it was really that good. We chose off of the lunch menu with one extra a la carte dish – the Duck Egg Bhurji, Lobster, Malabar Paratha (a type of Indian flatbread) – which wound up being my favorite! Just a heads up – expect a lot of food which is perfect for sharing!





Inside before it quickly filled up



I ordered the signature cocktail, the Quinine Sour: The Quinine Sour is our take on a White Lady, in celebration of the gin and tonic, which was the drink of choice in India in the days of the Crown rule and drunk in gymkhana clubs. With the quinine sour, we top the drink with a curry leaf for a subtle pungent note, and ginger, which adds a barely-perceptible heat.



Cassava, Lentil, & Sabudana Papads with Shrimp and Mango Chutneys









Garlic Chilli Thetcha (spicy condiment) Soft Shell Crab, Bombay Bhel (puffed rice with vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce)



Duck Egg Bhurji (a type of scramble) with lobster



Dosa (type of pancake) with Chettinad Duck and Coconut Chutney




The Mainsserved with Dal Lasooni, Tulsi Dum Aloo, Bread Basket and Basmati Rice



My sweet lassi to balance the spice



Kesar Pista Chicken Chops with Pomegranate and Garlic Chutney



Kid Goat Keema (ground meat) Salli (curry)


Pao to eat with the Kid Goat Keema Salli



Delicious bread basket



Too full for dessert, so we ordered coffee to finish our meal!

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