Sintra Part II: Casa Piriquita


Casa Piriquita

After exploring Quinta da Regaleira, I was really craving a cup of coffee and sweets. Before heading to the Pena Palace, we decided to head back in town and try to find a cafe that wasn’t too crowded. We thought heading up hill was the best bet and spotted a cute yellow cafe with a huge line at the to-go counter but almost no one in the dining area. Perfect!

It was only after we left that we discovered Casa Piriquita is one of the most famous spots in Sintra founded in 1862! So if you know this bakery and are wondering if I tried the travesseiros (puff pastries filled with almond-and-egg-yolk cream) – I didn’t. Because I stumbled into the bakery by accident, I didn’t know beforehand that this was the pastry they’re known for. To be honest it didn’t look that great and I ordered the Queijadas de Sintra and Pastéis de Cruz Alta. Both were delicious!

From Casa Piriquita’s site:

Queijadas de Sintra

The origin and history of the delicious Queijadas de Sintra is lost in medieval times in which they were used as a payment form, because Sintra had excellent pastures and excess of fresh cheese, that was used for the manufacture of this sweet. We describe the Queijadas de Sintra as a small and delicious pies made from fresh cheese, sugar, eggs, flour and a little cinnamon wrapped in a crispy batter.

Pastéis de Cruz Alta

The name of this sweet has as a reference in the highest point of the Serra de Sintra and those who know it say that they are of the best sweets from our house. A unique flavor that involves egg, almond, and beans.


The dining room counter filled with delicious sweets to choose from



70 cents for a coffee!!



My sweets



Unwrapped and ready to taste!



Everything on the table was less than 5 euros!




Downtown full of tourists

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