São Miguel: Vila Franca do Campo


Queijadas da Vila Franco do Campo


All over the island of São Miguel, you can’t help but find the white wrapped pastries with green ribbons – the Queijadas da Vila Franco do Campo. Koen and I had some time in the afternoon and decided to explore the namesake town! Our favorite way to start a city trip is with a cup of coffee at a local cafe. When I searched the best places for coffee, I was so excited to see that the Queijadas Bakery was open to the public!

We had perfect weather when we arrived and happily sat outside with our coffee and sweets. Vila Franco do Campo is a typical fishing port, so we had a view of the water, boats, and colorful houses. I learned later that this town used to be the capital of the Azores, but after a devastating earthquake in 1522, the capital shifted to Ponta Delgada.

Outside of the pastries, Vila Franco do Campo is most famous for its islet located half an hour away by boat. Unfortunately in the fall and winter it’s not possible to venture out and swim (it’s okay – it’d have been too cold!). We were happy to go for a walk along the beach and view the islet from the shore.



Mountain of Queijadas – we also took many back home with us!



View of the port with our coffee and sweets




Don’t let the name fool you – there’s no cheese in the pastries. The filling is with eggs, almonds, and sugar!




Colorful houses in Vila Franca do Campo



Vila Franca do Campo Islet, as seen from the shore




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