London: Indian Accent


As I mentioned in the Dishoom and Ghymkhana posts, this trip to London is all about Indian food! A few months ago I was at a lunch with an Indian family living in London and I asked for her list of best Indian restaurants. She gave me a list of 10 and I couldn’t wait for my next trip to London! Second to check off the list – Indian Accent!

Indian Accent may already sound familiar and it’s not suprise – the location in New Delhi is the #30 Best Restaurant in the World and the #1 Best Restaurant in India. To quote the Indian Accent site:

Indian Accent’s menu explores progressive ideas in Indian cuisine while maintaining traditional integrity. Chef Manish Mehrotra reinterprets nostalgic Indian dishes with an openness towards global techniques and influences.


Koen and I decided to order both set menus – meat and vegetarian – so we could share and sample everything. We both agree that the vegetarian menu was the best!


My handsome date



Ready to eat!



The famous blue cheese naan and pumpkin soup




First course: Potato sphere chaat and white pea mash with watermelon



Second course (vegetarian): Tofu masala, asparagus, and shishito pepper



Second course (non-vegetarian): Baked cod amritsari and mint boondi



Palette cleanser: Anaar chuski (spiced pomegranate sorbet)



Third course (vegetarian): Spinach saag kofta, quinoa pulao, and summer peas salan



Third course (non-vegetarian): Chicken malai tikka, green chilli cream, sugar snap peas, and summer truffle



When our main course was brought out, we were surprised with very delicious ghee roast lamb roti pancakes! So much food!




Dessert #1: Makhan malai, saffron rose milk, rose petal jaggery brittle and almonds with a pot of Darjeeling tea



Dessert #2: Doda barfi treacle tart with vanilla bean ice cream

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